Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dream Blogging

A couple nights ago I had a dream where something really funny happened. And of course, I didn't realize it was a dream at the time, and thought I was caught up in this really funny thing. (I can't remember what my dream was now! Which is frustrating, because I remember it being really funny.) 
Anyways, after the funny thing happened in my dream, I thought, "I really have to tell everyone about this in my blog, it's so funny!" So there you go, I dreamed about blogging. I have never done that before. What's even better is that I forgot about my dream until that next day. And at that point, I forgot that it was a dream, and thought something really funny had actually happened to me and I needed to blog about it. I thought so hard about what that funny thing was, until I realized that it was a dream, and that the reason I wanted to blog about it was because I had told myself to in my dream. Haha.

Have you had a dream before where after you've woken up you think it actually happened to you, and remember later that you were dreaming?
 I do it all the time.


  1. I hate that! When you dream about something and you can't remember it, but you remember just the topic, a person, or gist of it. Sometimes if I try really hard to remember it after I wake up it comes back to me, but other times it's just lost in my subconscious. Sometimes when I'm doing something similar to what happened in my dream or unconsciously think about something that happened in my dream, the dream or parts of the dream will come back to me. Like today when I thought about Doctor Who, I remembered I had a dream about David Tennant, and a little snippet of the dream came back to me.

  2. Regarding this topic, I have had the opposite happen. Sometimes I have things that happen in real life and I can't remember if it was a dream or not! HAHAHA! It's the best:)