Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Growin' Veggies

I'm working on a gardening project.

Does anyone else my age love gardening? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only 22 year old who loves it. Michael and I already have a vegetable garden growing in our backyard that has tomatoes, broccoli, artichoke, cucumber, and watermelon (The carrots didn't make it...). Now that the cooler season is coming around, I'm going to grow lettuce and carrots because they grow better during the cooler climate.
I've worked at a garden center for six years, and I think this is a big factor for why I love to garden. My family also has a long background of gardeners so I like to think that it's also in my genes. :) My maiden name is Farmer so it was bound to happen.

To start off my project, I bought four bags of soil, weed barrier and a plastic raised garden bed. I also bought a packet of lettuce seeds and carrot seeds. Tomorrow Michael and I are going to set up the plastic raised garden bed, cover the ground below it with weed barrier (to prevent weeds from growing up into the garden bed), lay the soil on top and then put in our seeds.

I'm really excited to get started! Luckily I found a kindred spirit who's happy to garden with me. :) I'll post pictures tomorrow of the finished product.

If you're a kindred spirit too, let me know!! I'd love to talk gardening with you.
If you have gardening questions, I'm happy to help - if I don't know the answer, I have the resources to find it.


  1. You're one of the few 22 year olds I know in Provo that has a backyard, I feel that specific element is semi crucial to having a garden. Although I do have a balcony, of which I could grow things on. Some guy (who may have been around the age of 22) at my old apartments had this amazing balcony garden. It was this tiny balcony packed with all these different thriving plants. While I have never been a gardener I wouldn't mind giving it a try. Do you think it would be sensible for me to start a mini garden now, or should I like wait for spring? I would also like to grow tomatoes, when would be a good time to plant?

  2. That's a good point about the backyard thing. I live in my sister-in-law's basement and they have a huge yard so that definitely helps doesn't it? I would say start a garden now! But then you have to consider that it will be an expensive investment for something that will probably only live for another month or so. So, to save money, probably the spring.

    And to answer your question about tomatoes, a good time to plant is after Mother's Day, so around mid-May. You don't want there to be any chance of freezing, because this will kill your tomatoes, which is why in Utah people recommend Mother's Day. Make sure you have a balcony that gets sun in the afternoon from like 1 or 2 p.m. on because tomatoes need full sun to grow. Southern or western exposure will usually give you enough sun.

    I think you should totally grow tomatoes! We've had tomatoes this summer and it has been so fun to go out, pick them, and put them right into our sandwiches or whatever else. :)

  3. OOOOH! I just ate a peach today from my sister in law's gardenish. It was the most amazing peach I've ever had and think that peaches are my new favorite. I don't think I'll ever buy from a grocery store again! I'd love to garden all my fresh produce from now on.

  4. I like to garden! The sad part is that I currently live in an apartment :( so I can't really garden here. But as soon as I have my own house I'd like to make a nice garden.

  5. I love to garden! I tried to grow some plants in my window sill and on my balcony-it wasn't exactly successful. We use to do it a ton as kids.