Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dream Blogging

A couple nights ago I had a dream where something really funny happened. And of course, I didn't realize it was a dream at the time, and thought I was caught up in this really funny thing. (I can't remember what my dream was now! Which is frustrating, because I remember it being really funny.) 
Anyways, after the funny thing happened in my dream, I thought, "I really have to tell everyone about this in my blog, it's so funny!" So there you go, I dreamed about blogging. I have never done that before. What's even better is that I forgot about my dream until that next day. And at that point, I forgot that it was a dream, and thought something really funny had actually happened to me and I needed to blog about it. I thought so hard about what that funny thing was, until I realized that it was a dream, and that the reason I wanted to blog about it was because I had told myself to in my dream. Haha.

Have you had a dream before where after you've woken up you think it actually happened to you, and remember later that you were dreaming?
 I do it all the time.