Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Story (girl version)

**WARNING long post**

I'm sure Michael will like to include HIS side of the story of how we met, but for now.... while he's not here ;)... I'll give mine.

Michael and I went to the same high school together. I first met him our sophmore year when a friend of mine wanted to introduce me to a cute boy she liked who was in the same seminary class as her.

I remember waiting for her and another friend in the hallway once class had ended and seeing them walk into the school with this TALL boy between them. I emphasize tall because my first thought was, "Woah he's tall." Michael was the first boy I met my age who was 6' 5". He is still 6' 5", poor kid stopped growin at age 15... ;)

Anyways, once I got over the tall factor my next thought was "What a cutie." But of course, he was off limits because of my previous mentioned friend crushin on him. This friend of mine introduced me to Michael, and as I can recall, I said "Hi" and his response was a "Oh hey" and then a quick look over to a friend down the hall and a "I gotta go" to my friend. Ya..... Michael denies this happening but I remember it very clearly...

So, nothing happened between this friend of mine and Michael, and the next time we met was our junior year of high school where my friends and I talked to him after a football game. I remember thinking how cute he looked in his football uniform. We started to talk and I was getting a vibe that Michael may ACTUALLY be noticing me this time! So after a while we let him run off into the locker room and my friends and I went and did our own thing. Homecoming was coming up and I hadn't been asked yet and my thoughts started wandering to Michael and thinking how it could be fun to go with him.

Well, that night I was asked to homecoming, but not by Michael. That next morning, however, I woke up to a phone call, and the talking caller I.D. was saying "Hall Daniel". My first thought was "Oh no, Michael's asking me to Homecoming...." I answered the phone to hear a very low man voice asking me if Sister Farmer was home. (I knew it was Michael the whole time, but played it off like I didn't) My mom picked up the phone and I could hear her downstairs quietly saying "Yes, she's already been asked, I'm sorry." So Michael asked someone else and we didn't really talk with each other again until our senior year.

During our senior year, after each football game there were stag dances where you could go and dance with everyone. I LOVE going to dances and would dance like crazy. I wasn't going to just stand around like many of the kids my age did, it's a dance people. Anyways, I was always looking for the group of people who would actually want to dance at a dance. Michael turned out to be one of the people who danced! And we danced the same way! Both just doing our own thing and not worrying about how we looked, just having fun. We always ended up being drawn to each other at these dances and having an awesome time.

Because of this, I thought it would be really fun to ask Michael to Sadie Hawkins. So I did, WAY before the dance happened, probably a couple months early.  Michael told me later on that he was actually concerned about who might be asking him because it was weirdly early for me to ask him. In my defense, I did this because I knew he was the only one I wanted to go to this dance with and didn't want to risk him getting asked by anyone else.

The dance with Michael was so much fun! I hadn't had so much fun with anyone at a dance before and loved every second of it. But now, the drama part of the story kicks in.... Michael and I viewed each other a little differently from this point on. I looked at Michael like he was one of my best friends, who I loved to hang out with and talk to about everything. Michael, however, had a crush on me. He thought I was his girlfriend! You can see that this could become complicated. I didn't want a serious boyfriend and he hadn't had the DTR (Define The Relationship) with either of his previous girlfriends. It was just a mutual concensus that they were dating. Well, I was very used to having the DTR and since Michael and I never had one I just assumed that he knew we weren't boyfriend/girlfriend. In Michael's defense, I did hold his hand a couple of times and cuddled with him a couple times during some movies. I shouldn't have done that, I know that now, but at the time I liked having him close! I felt very comfortable with him and I'm a cuddly person.

Throughout our senior year, our relationship was usually us doing lots of things together, me getting the vibe that Michael liked me more than a best friend, so me trying to back away a little bit so he knew we were not boyfriend/girlfriend and then him thinking we broke up and the whole thing repeating itself again. Things were a little complicated. But we stuck through it! Once Michael and I graduated I didn't see him again for almost a year.

When I did see him again it was at a high school football game and we were being super seniors and going to it. I called Michael on my way there to see if he was coming and he said he was going to be there. I wanted to catch up as well as give him some money that I had owed him for a long time. Well, that obviously wasn't the best time to give him back his money because Michael got the impression that I only wanted to give back the money and he said he didn't want the money and I could tell he was upset with me. I felt bad after that, and didn't really know what to do.

The next time I saw Michael was at a basketball game five months later. I tried to say hi to Michael after the game. I knew he'd seen me so when I got down to where he was and tried to talk to him he was already off with some other friends and not looking over at me. I honestly had been clueless up to this point that Michael might have been hurt by something I had done. Ya.... so naive but hey I was young right? Haha.

I left the game knowing that Michael was hurt by something I had done and I texted him once I got back to my apartment to tell him that if I had hurt him in the past I was sorry and asked if he'd forgive me. I've always known Michael has an amazing character and very kind and forgiving. And this circumstance was something that just increased my knowledge of that. Immediately after I had texted Michael he texted me back saying that I didn't need to apologize and that he was sorry for the way he had treated me at the game. I couldn't believe how easily he was willing to forgive me and from that moment on we kept in contact with each other.

Michael got his mission call at the beginning of May (I think) and I went to see him open his call. After I saw him there we started to do more things together again. We went mountain biking up in Alpine where I biked awesomely until the very end where I fell and got a cool looking Nike type scar on the side of my waist. We also went up to Park City for his birthday, just me and him, where he treated ME to a day of zip lining and dinner and going around Park City. And to top it all off, the week before he left on his mission, Michael took me to a fancy French restaurant in Salt Lake City called La Caille where we had a fun, beautiful evening together eating dinner and touring the restaurant's grounds.

Michael then left on his mission, we wrote eachother during that time, (he'll have to fill you in on the writing situation...) and when he got home to San Antonio where his family moved, we talked on the phone every day until he got home to Utah August 7th. We dated until September 13th when he asked me to marry him, and we got married December 30th. I love being married to him, he is my other half, my best friend. I couldn't live without him.

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